The business of Korea is business.


Building a Global Business from Korea
With David Horvath of UglyDoll

David Horvath and Sun-min Lee have built the UglyDoll empire
from their imagination and an apartment in Yongin.

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KBLA's new daily polls:
Crowdsourcing Predictions

If the goal is to predict the future, all of us are smarter than any one of us.

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KBLA Member Dashboard
See what's behind the login curtain!

The Member Dashboard is at the core of KBLA's
mission to make Korea more accessible..

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KBLA Member Dashboard
Bringing the Business Intelligence You Need

KBLA's new intelligence tools promise
to offer significantly greater value to members.

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What We Do

KBLA provides information and networking tools and opportunities for our members. Our goal is to make the Korean business environment more transparent, efficient, and effective for companies and participants from Korea and around the world.

Why We Do It

The world is changing and Korea is changing. Korea has new and existing challenges, most of which, if not all, can be overcome through increased participation of the global business community in the Korean economy. KBLA aims to help bridge the gap between here and there.

How We Do It

KBLA is all-digital. We produce intelligence and tools for the community so that everyone can participate, and learn, no matter where they may be in the world. We hold online meetings and seminars and in-person social events.