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Introducing the KBLA Member Dashboard

At KBLA, our goal is to make Korea more accessible, transparent, and welcoming for both a local and a global audience. The KBLA Member Dashboard is the core offering of that mission.

by Rodney J Johnson, KBLA

Aug. 6, 2020

KBLA.NET’s Member Dashboard offers second-to-none information and intelligence resources for keeping up with the business and economics environment in Korea.

Information offerings include:

Government Press Releases
The Korean government releases statements, regulations, comments, recaps, each day, at various organizations and levels.

KBLA aggregates all this information in one place. If the releases are in English, we provide them, in part or in full, as well as a link to the original source material. If they are in Korean, we provide the Korean summary and utilize machine translation so that non-Korean speakers can understand what the contents of the release are.

News Intelligence
We gather the news about Korea and the Korean business environment from around Korea and the world, in English and Korean. Hundreds of articles per day.

We aggregate headlines and links so that you get one-stop access to the entirety of coverage on the Korean business environment. The entirety of the source material, at its original source, is just a click away.

We organize the news articles into topics so that you can study a topic across multiple media platforms, and track the development of a topic over a span of time. More sources are added each day, and higher-value added analysis products are on the way!

Government Data Releases
We search and aggregate Korean government data releases wherever they may be.

We provide Korean and English language summaries, using machine translation, and provide links to original source material. The data you need is out there, it is just hard to find. We make it a lot easier.

We gather and organize every business, economic, and cultural event, occurring in Korea, that comes across our radar.

Search for and browse events by hosting organization, type, or date. Never schedule your event on the wrong day again. Never miss a conference or exhibition you didn’t know was happening.

KBLA Members can access, filter, browse, and search all this data on the Member Dashboard. Members can also opt to receive data by email, with daily and weekly emails detailing updates of data in the Dashboard.

See what the Member Dashboard actually looks like! Click here!

KBLA's Daily and Weekly Emails Deliver the Goods to KBLA Members

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