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More Than Just a New Website and Some New Tools

KBLA's new intelligence tools promise to offer significantly greater value to members.

by Rodney J Johnson, KBLA

July 6, 2020

Today, July 6, 2020, KBLA is launching our new website.

It’s a lot more than just a website, however. It is a signal of a new era and new direction for the KBLA community. The new website includes so much great new stuff, and the potential for so much more in the near future, that telling you all about it would take a long time. It’s best if you just see it yourself.

With the new site, we move past the era of canned websites, of content management systems like Wordpress or Joomla, to a completely custom web application, capable of featuring live data and visualizations. Rather than relying on structures and templates built by someone else, which lock us into a narrow operating zone, where there are always things we wish we could do, but know we can never do, the new site is 100% under our control, allowing us to do virtually anything we want. That’s important because KBLA became all-digital in 2020, and partly due to COVID-19, the rest of the world is fast-following.

The new site is a reflection of a few realities of the times we live in: software is eating the world, data is the new oil, and AI is the new electricity.

Software is eating the world.
This phrase was first said by Marc Andreesen, venture capitalist and creator of the world’s first web browser. When he said it, he meant that the functionality of so many other tools, gadgets, and methods of interacting, was all being taken over by software. What was once offered by mechanical or person-to-person interactions, is now handled by software interactions.

Data is the new oil.
The upshot of a world where software runs everything is that everything is tied together so that data flows between devices and interactions. Software generates data where before there was none, then it communicates that data. Today, there is more data being generated every day than we used to generate in decades. Lack of data is no longer a problem, rather, the problem is getting hold of it. In the very near future, companies won’t just be separated by how much money they have, but by how much data they have and how well they use it. Those able to get good data will be the haves and those who cannot will be the have-nots.

AI is the new electricity.
When electricity was first offered to the world, there was a period where product makers sought to infuse the electrical genie into every (previously manual) product they made. Electricity went where its developers never expected it would. It went everywhere. Just like electricity, software, data, and the logic controlling them both: AI, will be introduced, one-by-one, into every product on the planet. It’s already in our cars, our watches, our coffee makers, and our spam filters.

KBLA will continue to build out our offerings and tools, wiring up as many Korea resources as we can, bringing in good data and analyzing it, and employing AI to divine insights into the data that might have been missed. This new website allows us to grow and connect up more resources as more and more data sources come online.

The site is open now at The domain is new as well. was not available when KBLA was founded back in 2014, so we chose the best domain available at the time. However, we believe the .net domain will better represent who we are as a community, so, now that it is available, we’re moving to that. We’ll keep .info for legacy emails and as a home for the community’s interactive app.

Today the public portion of the website opens, and on August 1, we’ll open the member area. We figure it will take some time for the community and the public to get used to the new domain and what’s available on the public side, so that will give us a little more time to polish up the member side.

The member side is where the real magic will happen! KBLA is rolling all of our information products into the site so that rather than have weekly updates via email, we will have a regular, almost real-time, updates to everything we offer. More on the member’s area will be forthcoming as we get closer to opening!

The new site is a work-in-progress that will continue for the foreseeable future. There are bound to be some bugs, some hiccups, and some unintended “features”. Nonetheless, we believe this represents a solid move forward for our community.

Thanks for your continued support,

Rodney J Johnson

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