The business of Korea is business.


Erudite Risk

Erudite Risk provides essential risk management intelligence and services for organizations operating in Asia. Our investigative, research, and protective services deliver local intelligence and insight to aid your organization in safely dealing with operating, compliance, regulatory, political, market, and cultural risks.


APAC’s Leading Flexible Workspace Company


Established since 2014, Orang&Orang is a global entry market execution and business management specialist that aims to transform, globalize and accelerate businesses, connecting innovative companies globally to international commercial businesses and funding opportunities.

Prescient Risk Consulting

Prescient Risk Consulting offers global investigative solutions to meet the needs of our customers, who are suffering from counterfeiting of products, logistics theft / diversion and threats in the workplace.  Our investigators can also assist with due diligence investigations, background investigations (company & individual), as well as compliance related enquiries.