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McKinney Consulting

Great People Build Great Companies

We are flexible in our approach to serving you. Adapting to the nuances of your business and the challenges that you face is our standard of operations. We do it every day.

Providing a total experience is the hallmark of the “McKinney Way” of doing business. We make everything personal. Your concerns are our concerns. When we partner with you on an assignment success is the only outcome as failure is not an option. If that means we have to sometimes put more resources behind the assignment or we have to work harder, then that is what we will do. Success is 100% guaranteed at McKinney Consulting.

Retained executive search is our core business. Finding the right talent to fit your organization is our goal. The services and tools we offer address and serve the various areas of the talent management system. To adequately manage and lead, companies need services that address the areas of identification, hiring and the development of middle to senior level executives. They also need those services to be provided by local knowledge, and knowhow to successfully conduct business effectively in Korea. These services can be retained search, leadership consulting and Human resources services.


McKinney Consulting’s leaders have performed hundreds of search assignments and leadership consulting projects for multinationals in Korea and with associates in Asia.


McKinney Consulting is based in Seoul and works with other search company affiliates in Asia in the countries where they have direct experience in the specific country. Local knowledge is crucial to ensuring success we have been doing this for over 15 years. From understanding the countries culture to the labor laws to knowing the verifiable sources of information, the assignment simply cannot be done from another country.


We guarantee our work as our reputation depends upon your 100% satisfaction. If we have to work harder that is what we will do.


McKinney has exhaustive experience conducting retained executive search assignments and leadership consulting projects in Korea. We know Korea. We know international business and the challenges that multinational companies face in Korea. More importantly, we understand your goals, needs, and expectations as an organization. We speak your language and we speak Korean.


McKinney Consulting team members are trained with many years of experience in the industries and disciplines we cover. Our leadership consulting coaches are highly qualified as Certified Master Coaches. We have developed and extensive network of contacts and relationships that is crucial for our search business.


The way we conduct our business for you does matter. We represent your interests to the talent pool so your company’s reputation and ours is very important to maintain and enhance. We take this seriously and professionally. We meet and exceed the best practices in our industry and we know your standards are high.


Our search assignments and leadership consulting projects are strictly confidential. We protect your interests. We will not say anything about your company unless you approve the script.


All of our services are conducted with your needs and requirements in mind. This means we are flexible and customize our services to meet and exceed your expectations.



Steven McKinney

Professional Title

President and Founder


STEVE MCKINNEY is the founder and CEO of McKinney Consulting, a leadership consulting firm specializing in executive search, management consulting, coaching, and talent solutions services. Formerly a senior executive for athletic giants, Adidas, Converse, and Reebok, and others. Steve has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, CEO Magazine, and various radio, television and print media. Steve has been married to Jeong-Ok for thirty-eight years, and have two sons. They live in Seoul, South Korea.



Bryan McKinney

Professional Title