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Friends of KBLA

Friends of KBLA is KBLA's Sponsorship Program. Get more exposure for your brand and help the global community play a bigger role in the Korean economy.

Friends of KBLA Program Participants enjoy a variety of special benefits due to their placement, front and center, on all of KBLA's digital outreach platforms.

KBLA’s all-digital platforms offer value like no other:

- We publish, email, and create content that attracts the participants of the business market. Some content is for members only, much is public.

- and our live interaction platform at generate interest in the Korean market and the service providers who serve that market.

- Because our content is all-digital, it has legs - it goes everywhere, reaching a much larger and more focused audience than that of other business groups.

- Our content is persistent - it doesn’t disappear when the meeting is over. It keeps on giving: exposure, influence, results.

The Best Target Audience, in Korea and Around the Globe
The Korea Business Leaders Alliance offers information and intelligence products that attract a high-value audience of stakeholders in the Korea economy. KBLA members from Korea and around the globe require services, products, and support in Korea, and Korea-related support around the world. We have members you want to make deep business relationships with. We have members who make things happen in Korea.

The Friends of KBLA Program lets you tell your story, your way, by integrating your brand into many of KBLA's services and content.

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Korea International School

At KIS we enjoy learning. We think each school day is an opportunity for fun and challenge as students engage with curricular content and extracurricular activities. We recognize our students are whole individuals with their own interests, ideas and hopes, and so our mission is to encourage each student to be more who they are, helping to identify and develop their strengths.

Erudite Risk

Erudite Risk provides essential risk management intelligence and services for organizations operating in Asia. Our investigative, research, and protective services deliver local intelligence and insight to aid your organization in safely dealing with operating, compliance, regulatory, political, market, and cultural risks.

Insight Communications Consultants

Insight Communications Consultants is a public relations agency managed by former senior journalists from leading international news outlets along with experienced Korean PR specialists who can provide communications strategy and related services for multinational clients in the Korean market and for Korean clients in international markets.

Asian Tigers Korea

We are a member of Asian Tigers Group.

The Group is an alliance of Asia's finest and most outstanding relocation specialists.

Asian Tigers Korea is a leading provider of international move management, relocation solutions and fine arts & project cargo handling.

McKinney Consulting

At McKinney Consulting we understand you because we research you. We search to discovery what makes you unique as each of our clients has distinct differences. Once we have identified these differences we are better prepared to ask you the pertinent questions that are necessary for us to fully understand you and your business. When you speak, we listen.

International Auto Source

For 25 years, IAS has been the leader in global expatriate mobility, having assisted more than 50,000 foreign-nationals with new vehicle financing options even though most do not have identity numbers or a credit history. The financed purchase of a new vehicle allows for better management of cash flow and get settled into their new countries and careers. Because we're the factory-authorized distributor for seventeen makes of automobiles, we offer relocating assignees more products, financing and insurance solutions than anyone else.

Lee & Ko

Following its establishment in 1977, Lee & Ko has become one of Korea’s premier full-service law firms, widely recognized for its leadership and outstanding success in every area of legal practice.