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The KBLA Member Dashboard gets better every day.

KBLA Member Dashboard
All the Data and Intelligence You Need. At Your Fingertips
It’s out there. Hard to find. Distributed across many sites. Buried. In Korean.
We found it for you. Aggregated it. Translated it. Analyzed it.
Now you can make better business decisions in Korea.
We cast a wide net each and every day, gathering up as much of the data published
to the public domain as we can, to ensure you are kept in the loop.
This is a more open, more transparent, more accessible Korean economy.
Government Press Releases and Announcements
Cheongwadae, MOEF, MOFA, Foreign Investment Ombudsman,KFTC, Korea Consumer Agency, Seoul Metropolitan...
More sources are being added every day, at all levels of government.
News Intelligence Aggregation and Analysis
Wide coverage from foreign and domestic sources, in Korean and English. Korean titles are translated into English.
Daily coverage is organized by topic so that you can follow a key topic across multiple outlets.
Word counts and entity tracking provide insight into what's important in Korea today.
Hundreds of aggregated and analyzed news articles per day. (Text available at original source only)
Government Data Release Intelligence
Bank of Korea, Statistics Korea, FSS, FSC, IT Statistics Korea, MOTIE, MOLIT, and more
You always knew the data was out there. Now you know where.
KBLA Korea Daybook
KINTEX, BEXCO, COEX, chambers of commerce, concerts, gallery openings, social events...
Never schedule your event on the wrong day. Never miss another great event.