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Albanian Consulate General in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
Algerian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea
The Algeria-Korea relations have developed very significantly in a relatively short period. In 2006, they were raised to the rank of strategic cooperation, reflecting the joint will of the highest authorities of our own two countries to build a mutually beneficial relationship, taking advantage of the great complementarities between our two economies. Agreements have been concluded in almost all areas. The cooperation between Algeria and the Republic of Korea at the multilateral stage is also exemplary as evidenced by the rooted tradition of mutual support of candidates of both countries in international organizations.
Angolan Embassy in Seoul, South Korea
Our goal is to provide information to the Angolan community, public and private entities in South Korea and people in general who are interested in Angola, and serve as a bridge to strengthen friendship and cooperation between Angola and South Korea.
Australian Embassy in Seoul, Republic of Korea
The department works to make Australia stronger, safer and more prosperous, to provide timely and responsive consular and passport services, and to ensure a secure Australian Government presence overseas. The department provides foreign, trade and development policy advice to the government. We work with other government agencies to ensure that Australia's pursuit of its global, regional and bilateral interests is coordinated effectively.
Bangladeshi Consulate General in Busan, Korea (Republic)
Bangladeshi Embassy in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
Chinese Consulate General in Busan, South Korea
Consulate General of Belize in Seoul, South Korea
Consulate General of Japan in Jeju, Korea
Consulate General of San Marino in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
Consulate of Jamaica in Seoul
The Jamaican Consulate in Seoul is not the only Jamaican consular office in the region. For your convenience we also listed below all other consulates of Jamaica located in South Korea. Keep in mind that a consulate can have more or less or different consular services. A Jamaican consulate can be found in the city of: Seoul
Consulate of Kyrgyzstan in South Korea
The Kyrgyz Republic is a secular state that gained its independence at the end of the last millennium, and has conducted an open integration policy with other countries and the world market as a whole. The country has a rich and ancient history. The ethnonym Kyrgyz' was firstly mentioned in the work of famous Chinese historian and chronicler - Sym Qiang - in 201 BC.
Embassy of Argentina in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
The mission of the Embassy's Economic and Commercial Section is to promote and diversify Argentine exports to the Korean market and attract Korean productive investments to Argentina in order to contribute to the sustainable development and competitiveness of our country.
Embassy of Austria in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
Embassy of Belgium in Seoul, South Korea
Embassy of Brazil in Seoul, South Korea
Our mission is to promote a better knowledge of Brazil in Korea, a nation which is the fifth largest and the fifth most populous country in the world, endowed with vast natural resources and that pursues economic development associated with social justice and environmental preservation. This Brazil of agribusiness, outer space research; optical fibers, aircraft and automobile industries; drilling of off-shore petroleum reserves in deep sea waters, steel production, software innovation. But this also Brazil of its people's joy in music, carnival and football. In sum, this a Brazil that has so much to contribute to the continuous improvement of friendly ties and to the mutually beneficial exchange with the Republic of Korea.
Embassy of Bulgaria in Seoul, South Korea
Bulgaria attaches great importance to maintaining stability in the region of Northeast Asia and reducing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. My country continues to support international efforts and dialogue aimed at achieving a nuclear free Korean Peninsula.
Embassy of Chile in Seoul, South Korea
The Embassy of Chile in Korea, which is also concurrent to Mongolia, aims to represent and protect the rights and interests of the State of Chile and of its nationals, as well as develop and deepen bilateral relations, trade promotion and cooperation with these two countries.
Embassy of Colombia in Seoul, Korea
Embassy of Ecuador in Seoul, South Korea
Embassy of Ethiopia in Republic of Korea
Ethiopia is the only African country which dispatched ground troops during the Korean War. Based on these historical experiences, the Republic of Korea(ROK) and Ethiopia has maintained strong sense of unity and a close cooperative relationship in various fields of politics, trade, economic affairs and international relations on the ground of mutual trust and friendship since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1963.
Embassy of Finland in Seoul, Korea (South)
Embassy of France in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
Embassy of Greece in Seoul, Korea
There has been a lot of news recently about a proposed new travel authorization system for the European Union. The system was originally proposed five years ago, but developments have accelerated recently due to terrorist attacks in France and Belgium and the feeling that it is necessary to improve security measures in the region. The proposed system is called the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) and is based on a similar visa-free system used by the United States called ESTA. The purpose of this system is to collect information on travelers currently traveling without a visa to the European Union and to ensure that persons with security problems are identified before being allowed to travel in the countries of the Schengen area. The EU's main objective is to improve the external and internal security of EU citizens by setting up a centralized system for granting travel authorizations to EU visitors and monitoring their movements. in the Schengen area.
Embassy of Honduras in Seoul, South Korea
Embassy of Hungary in Seoul, South Korea
Thirty years ago, Hungary was the first country from the Central and Eastern European region to assume full diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea. Since the historic event of 1 February 1989, bilateral relations have been growing continuously: not only in the political and economic spheres, but also in the fields of science and culture.
Embassy of India in South Korea
On this website, you will find links to current developments and opportunities in India and upcoming highlights of the Indian trade and cultural calendar. You will also find information on events being organised and services being provided by the Embassy of India in Korea. Keep checking the site for our updates!