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Academy of Korean Studies
The Academy of Korean Studies was established to revitalize the field of Korean Studies by conducting in-depth research and offering education on related subjects.
Agricultural Cooperative University
Agricultural Cooperative University as the THINK TANK of Korean cooperatives.
Ajou University
Ajou University, established in 1973 under the motto of "Asia's best university for the 21st century", is a leading research university with 11 colleges in Korea. Located in Suwon, about 30km south of Seoul, Ajou has 14,000 students (9,700 undergraduate, 3,700 graduate, and 500 in other courses).
American Women's Club
The American Women’s Club of Korea promotes friendship, social connections, and unity among women of all nationalities. Our club builds relationships with Korean organizations through cultural and educational activities, and we support our community through charitable contributions. We welcome you!
American Women's Club of Korea
The American Women’s Club of Korea promotes friendship, social connections, and unity among women of all nationalities. Our club builds relationships with Korean organizations through cultural and educational activities, and we support our community through charitable contributions. We welcome you!
Andong National University
The national as well as international educational environment is rapidly changing and innovation in higher education is becoming an ongoing challenge. At the forefront of world-class innovation, Andong National University has flourished, taking on challenges as opportunities. Meeting the Fourth Industrial Revolution head-on, we will strive to advance education and research through our culture of innovation.
Anyang University
Asia LIFE University
Asia LIFE University (ALU), is a Pentecostal-Evangelical and inter-denominational theological university. It was founded in 1972 as the Korea Foursquare Bible College by Rev. Ahn Kim Seen-Ok who is also the founder of Korea Foursquare Gospel Church.
Asia Pacific International School
Moving away from the traditional educational paradigm, APIS has created a global network of campuses under one school — our East Asia campus in Seoul, Korea, and our campus of the West in North Shore (Hauula), Hawaii — offering a unique educational opportunity to draw from the advantages of both the East and the West.
Asia Society
Asia Society is a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States. Founded in 1956 in New York, it fosters inter-regional connections to prepare Asians and Americans for a shared future through its 13 global centers.
Asian United Theological University
ACTS is an international, evangelical university, founded through an united effort of the churches in Asia. The founding purpose of ACTS was “to build new church and society in Asia” (according to ACTS Corporation Article).
Baekseok Arts University
Baekseok Schools were not established to merely add to the number of universities already offering secular education. We, all the members of Baekseok Schools, believe that education should transform students into integrated individuals, which cannot be accomplished by moral or ethical education alone.
Baekseok Culture University
Baekseok University
Baekseok Institution is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gracious proclamation, "The Truth will set you free." (John 8:32) Our institution seeks to produce global leaders equipped with the skills, wisdom, and character based upon a Christian world-view. In the Baekseok Institution there are two universities, Baekseok Culture University and Baekseok University, and a junior college, Baekseok College of Art.
Berea International Theological Seminary
Branksome Hall Asia
Our international day and boarding school is located on the island of Jeju, South Korea. This island is known for its scenic beaches, green countryside and, UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Bucheon University
Let's be creative people who serve the nation and society.
Busan Foreign School
Busan Institute of Science and Technology
Busan National University of Education
Since its foundation in 1946, Busan National University of Education has led education for elementary school teachers by offering quality education based excellent faculty and ideal curricular. Achievements that Busan National University of Education has attained are confirmed by excellent results of evaluation on 22,000 elementary school teachers and undergraduate students' high satisfaction on education given by BNUE.
Calvin University
Catholic University of Daegu
The history of Catholic University of Daegu(DCU) begins in 1914. DCU is the largest Catholic University in Korea. It has about 14,500 students. DCU is founded on the principles of Christianity and defines itself and all its programs through this Christ-centered spirit. Now, it moves into the 21st century with that same spirit and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.
Catholic University of Korea
The Catholic University of Korea traces its roots to the introduction of Catholicism in Korea. Catholicism was first introduced to Korea in the latter half of the 18th century when Silhak(Practical Learning) scholars of the late Joseon dynasty began to study the new religion from Catholic books.
Catholic University of Pusan
Since the establishment of the Catholic University of Pusan in 1964, we have provided the nation with high quality professionals skilled in nursing and healthcare. We have also fostered professionals in the field of environment, IT, management, and social work which are essential in maintaining modern society. In addition, we have also trained Catholic priests who pursue salvation of mankind through the Catholic belief.
Chadwick International School
Guided by passionate instructors, an inclusive community and our Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Fairness and Compassion, students develop self-confidence, rich character and a deep love of learning. They also become internationally-minded individuals. For Chadwick students, school is much more than a place to learn — it’s where they get to experience, expand and become the very best versions of themselves.
Changshin University
Changshin University is founded on the Christian spirits, Sincerity and Service. It pursues its three goals, namely humanization, professionalization and globalization, in the hope that its students become global leaders and Christian leaders contributing to the development of their local, national and international community.
Changwon National University
Since its founding in 1969, Changwon National University has been working tirelessly to open the horizon of 100 years beyond the 50th anniversary.