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Supreme Court of Korea
As the court of last resort of in the Republic of Korea, the Supreme Court is highest judicial tribunal in the nation. There are three tiers of courts in Korea - the districts courts, including the family court and the administrative court, the courts of original jurisdiction; high courts, the intermediate appellate courts; and the Supreme Court, the highest court.
Supreme Prosecutors' Office
The Korean Prosecution Service(KPS) has established law and order of the society and protects citizens and their human rights. As the nation's highest law enforcement agency, its mission is to protect every citizen and the society, and defend the nation from various crimes
Swazi Consulate General in Seoul, Korea
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Korea
The Chamber’s main goal is to act as a platform and a common voice for Swedish businesses in South Korea. In this fast developing market there is a constant need to be updated on the latest development in regulations, economy, Human Resource, Business and Markets trends. SCCK regularly organizes seminars, working-group meetings and other events in order to update and inform our members on recent developments and give the opportunity to network and share experiences. We are also working very closely with the Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden here in Seoul on various issues such as trade policies, FTA agreement with the EU and other different industry matters to increase awareness and support our Swedish companies.
Swiss Korean Business Council
The Swiss-Korean Business Council (SKBC) is a non-profit organization, established in 1993. Since its creation, it has successfully promoted the interests and activities of companies and individuals with connections between South Korea and Switzerland.
Taipei Mission
Taipei Mission in Korea, Busan Office
Tanzania Embassy. Seoul
The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Seoul has the responsibility of promoting relations of friendship and co-operation between the two governments and the peoples of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Korea.
The Embassy of Canada to the Republic of Korea
Canada is committed to a close relationship with South Korea, including working together on regional security issues on the Korean Peninsula. The two Koreas technically remain at war, as hostilities were concluded with an armistice, not a peace treaty. Canada remains gravely concerned about North Korea’s provocative and destabilizing actions, such as nuclear and missile tests and related proliferation, and coordinates closely with South Korea in response to these activities.
The Foundation for Broadcast Culture
Foundation for Broadcast Culture (FBC) was established in December 1988, in accordance with the Foundation for Broadcast Culture Act. As the supervising agency and largest shareholder of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), FBC is monitoring and supervising MBC to fulfill its responsibilities as a public broadcaster. Our tasks include evaluation of MBC Management, appointment of MBC CEO and many others. Furthermore, we are also striving to achieve enhancement of broadcasting culture in Korea.
The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea
The National Unification Advisory Council
The National Unification Advisory Council (NUAC) is a presidential consultative body on the reunification of the Korean peninsula, formulating and implementing policies on democratic and peaceful unification through the consensus of political parties and the public.
The Patent Court of Korea
The Patent Court consists of a chief judge, 5 presiding judges, 11 judges, 17 technical advisors and a secretariat now. 5 divisions, each consisting of 3 three-judge panels, hear the cases. Highly technical matters are referred to technical examiners who have long-term experiences in various scientific fields such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, chemical engineering, etc.
The Seoul Institute
The Seoul Institute analyzes major challenges confronting the city. As a think tank for the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), we plan for the city’s future by performing research on various current policies along with establishing mid- and long-term visions for the SMG.
The Small and Medium Business Administration
KOISRA Co., Ltd is a Korean based business consulting firm, specializing in business development, market entry solutions and outsourcing services for foreign companies and organizations in the Korean market.
Tuvaluan Consulate General in Seoul, South Korea
U.S. Embassy & Consulate in the Republic of Korea
The U.S. Mission in South Korea is comprised of the Embassy in Seoul and Consulate in Busan. The mission of the United States Embassy is to advance the interests of the United States, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens in the Republic of Korea.
Ulsan Metropolitan City
Xavier International School France
Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone
The YESFEZ is close to Pyeongtaek port, a Northeast Asian logistics hub, which is directly connected to major ports in China. The area is being developed as a forward base for exports to China and a knowledge-creating special zone. It has an advanced technology-based industrial cluster that is home to 3,350 global companies and automobile-related firms.
Yongsan International School of Seoul
Yongsan International School of Seoul is a warm, inclusive community of students, parents, and Christian educators. We welcome families and students of all religions and worldviews from more than 50 countries, providing a rich multicultural student experience anchored in the core principles of truth, excellence, and diversity.