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German School Seoul International
Global Christian Foreign School
In 1996, GCFS was founded by Pastor Joseph Song who majored in Chemical Engineering, Education, Christian Counseling and received his M.Div.. In 1999, after his passing, his wife Soon-Rahn Song continued the vision for GCFS and is currently the headmistress of GCFS. Our continuous vision for GCFS is for each and every individual student to be raised up and released as global Christian leaders. And in the last 23 years, approximately 40 different nations came to receive Christian education from the Christ-centered standards and values we uphold.
Global Village Center: Ichon
The Ichon Global Village Center was established on July 14, 2008 as a facility to help foreigners settle down smoothly, especially the large population of Japanese residents in the area, into the Korean community. At Ichon Global Village Center, there are professional staffs who can speak Japanese, that are waiting to help you. Like a kind neighbor, we can provide the solutions to any problems you might face.
Global Village Center: Itaewon
At the Itaewon Global Village Center we offer a variety of services to support foreigners living in the area, and we have classes and programs that help foreigners understand Korean culture better. Also, since the Itaewon area has an extremely diverse population of foreign residents, there is a unique opportunity here to build relationship with people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We believe that this can enrich the lives of everyone in the community, and make the area a more interesting and attractive place to live.
Global Village Center: Seorae
Located in Seorae Maeul in the Seocho District of Seoul and operated in conjunction with the Seoul Global Center, the Seorae Global Village Center held its Opening Ceremony on June 4th 2008. The Seorae Global Village Center provides information on daily living for foreigners who are new to Seoul, and facilitates cultural exchange between foreigners and Korean residents through various educational and cultural events.
Global Village Center: Yeoksam
The Yeoksam GVC, located in the center of Gangnam, serves as the first point of contact for international key employees such as managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, diplomats, students and other foreign residents. According to the “one-stop-service” principle, expatriates and their families are provided with all the initial information they need.
Global Village Center: Yeonnam
The Yeonnam Global Village Center is a branch of the Seoul Global Center that assists foreigners living in Seoul in order to make their lives convenient and comfortable. The Mapo-gu area has a number of Chinese residents and was famous for one of the China Town in Seoul.Recently the growing number of young foreigners has started to live in the area, because it has famous universities such as Hongik Univ. and Seogang Univ., etc. The Yeonnam Global Village Center can help all foreigners enrich their lives in Seoul.
Gwangju Metropolitan City
Gwangju is Home of the Arts. Famous artists from this city include: IM Bang-ul, master of Pansori and national singer; Uijae HUH Baek-ryun, master of oriental paintings; JUNG Yul-seong, a modern composer in China; and poet PARK Yong-chul . Inheriting this rich tradition and hosting world-class modern arts and design festivals like Gwangju Biennale and Gwangju Design Biennale, the city is now being reborn as the capital of Korean culture as well as the center of Asian culture. Asia Culture Center was established in November 2015, the longest national project (2003-2023) to promote Gwangju as the center of Asian culture is underway, and Gwangju Design Biennale was held in 2017. Also, the city hosted the 2015 Summer University Games in a low-cost, highly efficient manner while overcoming the MERS outbreak, successfully making the event a cultural festival for world youth. Based on this experience, Gwangju is now preparing for yet another international sports event: the 2019 World Aquatics Championships.
Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone
The Gwangyang Bay Area is located on the Pacific Ocean’s main sea route. Based on this geographical advantage, the area provides business-friendly infrastructure with plentiful supplies of water and electricity. Centering on five districts themed on logistics, manufacturing, housing, tourism and other functions, the GFEZ aims to become an international trade city where new industries and cultural tourism harmonize.
Gyeonggi Suwon International School
Gyeonggi Suwon International School (GSIS) opened its doors to students for the first time on September 18, 2006. The school was founded as a partnership between Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Suwon City, and Dr. Thomas J. Penland, Headmaster of Taejon Christian International School, acting on behalf of and with the expressed approval of the TCIS Board of Trustees. The purpose of the school is to provide a high quality international education for foreign children in Korea that will serve to further attract foreign investment to Korea.
Gyeongnam International Foreign School
GIFS is a private, independent K-12 school that is committed to providing an exceptional 21st Century education for all students. Welcome to our world!
Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province)
Hi-Korea: E-government for foreigners
Honorary Consulate of Armenia in Seoul, South Korea
Honorary Consulate of Cameroon in Seoul, South Korea
Honorary Consulate of Kiribati in South Korea
IT Statistics of Korea
Incheon Free Economic Zone
Incheon is turning itself into the business hub of Northeast Asia. The city has a well-established transportation network including Incheon International Airport -- which was ranked first in airport service quality by the Airports Council for 10 consecutive years -- Incheon port and the international business complex. Boasting a highly effective business environment, the IFEZ offers almost everything from logistics and medical services to education and cutting-edge industries.
Incheon Metropolitan City
Incheon emerged as an administrative district known as 'Marsoholhyeon' during the reign of King Jangsu of Goguryeo (475 AD). After Silla united the three kingdoms, the district was renamed as 'Soseonghyeon' using Chinese characters during the reign of King Gyeongdeok of Silla. During the reign of King Sukjong of Goryeo (1095~1105 AD), the district was renamed and elevatedas'Gyeongwongun' because it was the birthplace of the King's mother.
Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea
Foster economic development and enhance quality of trade between India and Korea through.
Industrial Bank of Korea - Weekly Economic Report
Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (IMBG)
The Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (IMBG) at Seoul National University (SNU) was established in July 1985. Since then, we have been leading our nation's biological research and cultivating leading research individuals at the same time. The newly built research building was opened in 1991, along with 8 professors and the most advanced research facilities and equipments. In 2002, Biotechnology Incubation Center was completed and became the one that supports and fosters venture businesses in biotechnology. In 2014, west pavilion was added and made the laboratory in total of 6,500 square meters.
Invest KOREA
Invest KOREA (IK), Korea's national investment promotion agency, was established as part of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) to support the entry and establishment of foreign businesses in Korea. We provide comprehensive services for foreign businesses, including consultations, assistance with investment notification and corporate establishment, support for business activities in Korea and grievance resolution. Invest KOREA also holds various investment promotion activities abroad.
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea
Established in May 2008 and recognized by the Italian Government in 2013, the ITCCK has been working tirelessly, always in synergy with all the sections of the Italian Embassy. The activities of the ITCCK have been developed with the Italian system of the Chambers of Commerce and all the Italian and Korean entities, such as institutions, companies and others looking for opportunities, with the aim of facilitating and strengthening the relations between Italy and the Republic of Korea.
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province)
Jeonbuk National University
Jeonbuk National University is a flagship national university founded in 1947 through the merger of Iri Agricultural College, Jeonju Myeongnyun College, and Gunsan College. Since its foundation, more than 200,000 alumni of Jeonbuk National University have been making significant contributions at local and national levels.